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AMG Statement

It is important to first mention that the Allegheny Mountain Ghosthunters (or AMG as we are often referred) is a group who study and research the possible existence of Ghosts and other paranormal activity. We do not use or recommend the use of Ouija Boards, taking part in séances, or involve ourselves in any demonic activities. Though many believe and are taught from early childhood that all ghosts-or entities as we sometimes refer to them-are evil and demonic, this is simply not the case. Ghosts have been proven to exist and are mentioned in almost every known civilization throughout history. Just because a person (skeptic) does not believe in them, does not make them any less real. As technology improves so will our knowledge in the study of the paranormal, and some day we may have the answers so many are seeking at this time. In our travels we have come a long way and everywhere people have stories or know of someone who has had an experience that they cannot explain. This subject will not go away. These people are desperately seeking answers with no place to turn. We try and help these people through our knowledge and experiences, offering them a place where they can talk without fear of ridicule, and comfort them in knowing that they are not alone.


Please enjoy our exhibits, but respect that all are Copyright by the photographer and/or the Allegheny Mountain Ghosthunters. All Rights Reserved. Absolutely no reproduction is permitted without express written permission. Please feel free to email us!
Al Brindza
Jon McClintock