By Al Brindza
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As my good friend Jon McClintock would say; "if you like antique shopping, local history and perhaps a ghost story or two this is a place to go!" The 1806 Antique Shop has it all and is well worth the trip to this little Somerset County community located along the historical Lincoln Highway Rt. 30 in Jennerstown, Pa. Its latest owners a mother and two daughter team recently purchased this establishment to pursue their dream to open an antique shop in an area with abundant history and charm.

The history of the 1806 building goes way back beyond 200 plus years, at one time records show it was used as a stagecoach stop, a tavern and an inn. One event in particular made this building famous. Back in 1889 brothers Joe and Dave Nicely two of the most well known men in Somerset Co. at the time were accused of murder in the shooting death of Herman Umberger a Jennerstown farmer. Constable John O. Rauch who resided here at the time held their hearing right in this building in the Squire's room located on the 2nd floor. It was said that Joe Nicely actually rode with the famous Jessie James gang and that Jessie James father and the Nicely brother's mother were first cousins. The brothers it seems were not well liked or trusted by the residents of the county and even though they proclaimed their innocents in the end they were found guilty and were later hanged at the Somerset County Courthouse on April 2, 1891.

The weekend of Oct. 22, 2016 my brother Mark and his fiance Eunice from the Philly area came in for a visit. It was a gloomy rainy day; normally we would go to a few flea markets but today because of the weather we decided to take a drive along Rt. 30 starting in Ligonier making our way East to Bedford. We all like to go to antique shops and we knew of several out that way. Upon arriving just out side of Jennerstown my wife noticed a place called the 1806 Antique Shop without hesitation we pulled into their parking hoping they were open, they were! None of us were ever there before and as soon as we walked in we knew we were all going to like it. Right away the atmosphere and structure of the building caught our attention. It was like walking back in time and whatever was going on outside didn't matter this place had our full attention. There were a number of rooms full of antiques and curio's to investigate also it had a 2nd floor. There were several customers there at the time, but shortly one of the owners Carly asked if we needed help with anything? She was very pleasant and explained a few things then said to please look around if we needed help she would be at the check out. We more or less just went our separate ways and wondered around looking for something that grabbed our interest. My brother asked if I went upstairs yet I hadn't so I went up the steps to the 2nd floor admiring the woodwork as I made my way up. There were maybe 4 or 5 rooms if I remember correctly.

I was just outside the photography room looking in when I had that sense of someone watching me; I turned to see an older frail looking lady in a long dress it had a blue/gray pattern (little flowers?)on it partly covered by a floor length white apron. She was standing just outside of the 2nd room doorway as you come up the stairs to your right. As we made eye contact she just faded away, gone within an instant. I wasn't expecting to see a ghost or spirit that day, sort of the last thing on my mind at the time. Never the less there she was I know what I saw since I've seen many over the years. I was excited about this experience I mentioned it to my brother and he asked if I talked to the owner? I said no, its one of those iffy decisions for me to make, should I or shouldn't I? I've never been there before, didn't know the owner at all but just the few seconds she talked when we came it I had a hunch she would be interested and like to hear what I had to say! From my respective, you never know how people will react so it's a tough decision, don't want to alarm or frighten them nor at the same time I don't want them to think I'm a total nut. My hunch was to tell her, I waited for a customer to leave then I kind of dropped the question to Carly if there were any stories of this place being haunted? She just stared at me for what seemed like minutes, only seconds of course then said, "Why do you ask? " Unsure now if I should have said anything she lit up I had her complete attention, and then I told her what I had just seen earlier upstairs. She was excited about it so much so she said let me call my Mom. With in a short time her mom arrived and I explained it to her, then we all went upstairs and I showed them where I saw the apparition. I gave them all the details as best I could and then we started talking about their unusal experiences since they bought the place the year before.

Both Carly and her mom Fran had stories to share they mentioned they heard on several occasions footsteps or the sounds of kids playing upstairs and other strange noises while they were working and no one else was in the shop. A bride doll on display in the one room was mentioned saying at times it would be found lying on the floor in different positions from its original spot on a shelf. Several other events captured on the security camera have showed a shadow figure moving in an upstairs room presently used for a photography studio. Another incident that occurred down stairs on the front enclosed porch a camera showed a display of pots and pans tied together attached by a strong chord and hung from a beam on the ceiling. It suddenly started to swing then fall as if a strong wind or force moved them. Nothing else was affected near by. Interesting stuff they had our attention. I then told them that we do paranormal investigations and gave a little information about ourselves.

So, it was agreed that we would come out on the next Tuesday to do a pre- investigation. This time besides my wife Jo, fellow investigators Jon and Marty McClintock joined us. Upon doing a walk over of the outside of the building we did the same on the inside going from room to room, including the basement and attic. The following is from my personal experience as being a "Sensitive" touring the building. I'll try to give as much detail and location to what I seen or felt

Basement - As you go down the steps from the kitchen to the basement is a large room on the side wall is a doorway that leads outside, opposite this wall across the room is what looks like a hallway on the other side of that is a large crawl space room. At one end of the hallway facing towards Rt. 30 are 2 oil tanks at the other end another partly dug out crawl space.This is where I spotted an apparition of an older rugged looking man with a long full white/gray beard and long hair wearing a shaggy looking hat, slender build, perhaps a farmer by trade?

1st floor - As you come in from the main door to your left before the stairs is a room used as a sales office. Looking in to the left of the fireplace was a display of dolls maybe a half dozen or so? The one doll that caught my attention was a little bride doll still in a box. One of the owners Carly I believe mentioned this doll sometimes is found out of the box in different positions on the floor. I picked it up to look at it just then the eyes popped opened! I have to admit it kind of startled me, LOL! What do I know? Dolls do that! I did however sense a little girl with dark hair and pigtails wearing a white gown or sleeper playing with it. Guessing her age to be four maybe five years old. Maybe its me but sometimes dolls especially the older type (porcelain) kind of creep me out at times especially in antique shops. We all know they run around at night when no one is there and return to their spot in the morning before opening. Right! Right? Twilight Zone stuff!

2nd. Floor as I mentioned earlier the apparition of the older lady, this would be twice that I saw her remember I said the first time was on the previous Saturday on my first visit.

I was also sensing little kids in the photography room across the hall, from another time period guessing mid-1800's not actually sure. I was picking up on 5-6 men arguing in this room, others were present. I was told later this room was often used as a courtroom.

Still on the 2nd floor in the first room to the right as you reach the stairs landing is a corner room, one side facing Rt. 30 the other the parking lot. In this room I was picking up on a woman who died during childbirth. Several other people being in the room with her from that period it was very sad & distressing even for me. Fran then stated it was documented at the courthouse that there was indeed a death involving a childbirth. In this same room at a later time period I picked up on several children, two sometimes three little boys looking out the front window watching a parade. I could see horses with wagons going by, at the side window (parking lot) were two older girls looking out. Fran later told me several neighbors or customers told them about seeing kids at these windows when the shop was closed.

The attic was interesting besides the old style pegged and numbered beams we noticed in the roof and the extra wide floorboards you rarely see anymore there was plenty of headroom to walk around. Here I was picking up on what appeared to be a seance going on, 5 people were sitting at this round table holding hands, as was common practice during a seance. I was thinking by the way they were dressed it was early 1900. This image lasted a few seconds then it was gone, still it gave me a hint of what happened here in the past. Also I was curious as to why?

I captured one EVP from this room on my recorder, kind of hard to hear if your not used to listening to them, but never the less its there. Listen carefully for the words "Come on" towards the end of the recording. Note: EVP stands for electronic Voice Phenomena, which is captured using sound equipment. Many believe these are spirit voices heard upon play back.

That's my story hope you enjoyed it and please if you're ever in that area take time to stop at the 1806 Antique Shop it is well worth it. Will you see a ghost or perhaps have an experience like I had who knows? If you're interested in antiques, history and old buildings this is a place you need to see. You will find the owners to be very friendly and interesting to talk to they will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and right at home. Thank you very much Fran. Carly and Laurel.

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