U.S. Hotel Tours

Below are some of the many pictures that were taken of our guests on the tours.

2010 Ghosthunters
Moving orb photo by Andrea Williams


Al Brindza

Is this a possible Shadow Person trying to manifest? This is an example of one incident that occurred at our recent USH Halloween Ghost Tour season. I was leading a tour group up on the 2nd floor, we had just entered the hallway when I felt a familiar jag of a headache which I learned to associate with paranormal activity.

I immediately aimed my camera down the hallway and captured this anomaly that was several feet away. The hallway was dark and there was no other light source other than my flash going off.

One lady standing behind me had an EMF meter that spiked during this episode. The hallway also felt very cold for a few seconds, but we didn't have a thermal scanner available to check the temperature at the time.

Whatever it was seemed to be darker or more dense than a regular shadow. As always with a shot like this I try to duplicate, so far I can't replicate it. I was using my Sony Cyber-Shot camera at the time, it worked well throughout the night afterwards.

I forwarded these photo's to a good associate of mine John Weaver of the (SSP) Spirit Society of Penna. for his opinion. His reply: "I cannot think of a particular camera issue (with the processor) that would cause this effect. There is no evidence of a "natural" source for the shadow (if it was something in front of the lens/flash the object would be illuminated and overexposed in the foreground).

I agree! At the time I took a series of 3 photo's as fast as the camera could recycle, it appears that the anomaly is moving away in the 2nd photo and totally disappears in the 3rd.


2009 Ghosthunters