Frank's Box


In search of Shadow Man
U.S. Hotel
By Al Brindza

During nearly a decade of research and investigations at the hotel, a new development that occurred last Nov. of 2008 proved especially interesting. Al captured a possible Shadow Man on camera trying to manifest. This was brought to the attention of Rosemary Ellen Guiley a Paranormal Investigator, Author and Writer who Al met in May at a Spirit Day Seminar in New Cumberland, Pa. Psychic Kelly Weaver and her group the "Spirit Society of Pa." host this annual event. Rosemary mentioned to Al that she is doing research for a new book that she is working on about Shadow People. Since one is known to be at the hotel it was agreed that they would do an investigation together, the date was set for July 22, 2009.

Present for this event were Paranormal Investigators Rosemary Ellen Guiley, AMG members Jon McClintock, Al Brindza, his wife Jo along with Tom Long an independent investigator/tech guy who often assists the Allegheny Mountain Ghosthunters.

The group met at 2 pm at the hotel during a sunny Monday afternoon.

After a brief talk they made there way upstairs to the 2nd floor Parlor to unpack their equipment. This was Rosemary's first time at the hotel and it was decided it would be best to give her a guided tour, and to see where the best places would be to set up the tools of our trade. The US Hotel built in 1835 has a unique design. On the 1st floor is the restaurant that contains 4 dinning rooms of various sizes, a large kitchen and the hotel bar. In addition a large banquet room was built in recent years. There are two upper floors containing a total of 22 rooms, these are no longer in use and are off limits to the general public. After the tour it was decided that we would set up our equipment in the Rear Parlor & in the hallway landing leading to the 3rd floor.

Besides all the usual equipment such as still camera's, camcorders, digital & analog recorders,Rosemary brought along several pieces of equipment (communication boxes) that were not familiar to us, one is called the "Frank's Box"or as it is sometimes referred to as the "Ghost Box". This was named after the inventor Frank Sumption who through years of experimenting came up with a design that is supposed to be able to communicate with the "other side" or spirit world. Rosemary is one of the few recipients who had been permitted to test his device. She at first attempted to use the smaller of the two boxes. This device referred to as a "Mini Box" was made by Ron Ricketts. There was however a problem, this box designed to use the AM radio frequency did not work well in this location, due to the fact there was an AM broadcasting tower near by and it overwhelmed the scan. After several attempts Rosemary decided not to use it, the larger box (Frank's Box Production Model # 45) was then brought out and set up. The reception was better using the FM band. To try and explain how this device works it basically scans the radio station frequencies on a continuous run switching from one station to another. This box has built in speakers and an external echo chamber where- by the "Mini Box" used external speakers. Also there is a port where a recorder could be added. In theory it is believe that if a spirit wishes to communicate it will use various words to form sentences as this device scans the radio frequencies. There is also a control on the box that enables it to change the sound pitch from high to low frequencies or vista versa. This was also attempted to see if it would bring better results. Just outside in the 2nd floor hallway Rosemary had a video camera set up pointing towards the stairs and at the same time looking down the hallway where a Shadow Person was spotted during an earlier investigation by the AMG.

During this time Rosemary and Al both sat out on the landing waiting to see what would happen. Jon stationed himself in the Rear Parlor, Jo stayed in the Parlor and Tom moved up to the 3rd floor. In a short time the atmosphere began to change and a presences was felt. At one point Rosemary thought she saw a shadow move across the end of the hallway and Al sensed some entity or spirit was watching them from the steps. Whoever or whatever kept its distance and would not approach any closer, curious of this device, but also being very cautious. The box connected to a digital recorder did for a brief time pick up a woman talking and a K2 meter was giving some interesting readings. After a while it was decided to move up to the 3rd floor and try several locations.

The first stop is Room 10 where activity had been picked up on numerous occasions. In this room it is thought a woman died years earlier and her child is still haunting the room. It is an active haunting because on several occations people who are sensitive especially women have been touched and they claim felt the presences of a little boy. Little objects have been moved such as toys and candy on occasion by unseen forces. On one occasion there were five women in the room several who had young sons of their own. They were just talking among themselves and several times would address a question to the unseen child hoping to get some kind of response. Al standing in the doorway had a pair of headphones attached to his recorder this enabled him to listen for any EVP that might occur in real time. At one point he could faintly hear a little boy voice responding several times to their questions. "I'm dead!".. I'm dead!" Then one woman asked, "Do you have any toys?" He quickly responded, "I have several of them!" At this point he dashed past Al and some woman standing in the hallway stated she felt something bump into her.

Al will now relate what happened next! "Our last location for testing Frank's Box was in Room 12 known as Stinky's Room, so named because of one particular dominant spirit that is active and seems to cause the most disturbances at the hotel. As Rosemary was preparing the set up of the box, I set up my video camera to tape any activity that might happen. Once we had our equipment in operation we just took it easy and talked while listening to the box. It wasn't long before we noticed that as the box scanned the radio frequencies that one particular male voice was now dominating the airwaves. I looked at Rosemary and could see that she was now focused on what the box was saying. "Did you say Bastard?" She asked, "Would you repeat that?" Stunned I now was tuned in myself, as the voice talked more swearing was heard. I'm thinking to myself this is incredible this device (Frank's Box) actually does work! As you know the FCC does not allow that kind of language to be broadcasted over the public airwaves. I've heard stories and read a few articles about the Frank Box, but was skeptical about how or if it would work. As the saying goes "Seeing is believing!" How was this possible one voice taking over all the radio frequencies at one time as it switched station to station? It gets better; this will send a chill down your back. This spirit now commutating with us made a threat, "I can kill you!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing Rosemary asked it to repeat what it said, it did then added, "You will die!" At this point I said, "Do you want me to die?" The bone-chilling response came, "Yes! You will die!" Talk about an eye opener it only took a matter of minutes from being a skeptic to reaching this point. This was indeed a break through not only did I witness first hand the operation of this piece of equipment, I was now communicating with an active entity in a way I've never done before.

Some skeptics would say it was just random voices pulled in over the radio waves. Yes, in a sense, but how could they explain the same voice being on every station and interacting with us as well? The voice we heard was by all accounts what we call a low-class spirit or entity. One that is mischievous, one who probably led a miserable life while on earth and for whatever reason to this day is not at rest. This session only lasted perhaps 15-20 minutes or so no doubt it was creepy it was sending chills down my spine! Think about it, how was it possible for this entity to interact with us using this device? A bit later Rosemary asked if "this was Stinky talking?" It responded several times "Yes, Stinky!" If it was indeed we do not know for sure, it could have been another spirit toying with us. We do know however that this behavior would fit his character. After this spirit left we did hear yet another speaking through the box it was a woman's voice though were not sure what she was saying at this point she did not come across very clear. Our investigation ended shortly there after and it was agreed by all involved that we would meet again to seek more answers as to who or what haunts the US Hotel?"

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