A Mining Miracle

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A Miner Miracle Four Decades Ago
By Jon McClintock

A big part of the heritage of the Allegheny Mountains involves coal mining and the earth (see Investigations). Thousands of area miners have died - sometimes more than 100 at a time - below the green, rolling mountain summits of the soft-coal (bituminous) region.

The July 28, 2002 rescue of nine trapped men in Quecreek, Somerset County, reminds us how real that danger remains today. And it evokes memories of a similar miracle 39 years earlier…to our east, in the hard coal (anthracite) region

It was dubbed "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told" by writer Ed Conrad. Ed is documenting history from what he finds in the coal seams. And he has devoted much energy to what we consider a "paranormal" aspect of the collapse.

Three men were entombed for two weeks. And two of them emerged with a story that some didn't want to hear - or wouldn't believe.

Four days into collapse, virtually everyone believed Henry Throne, Louis Bova and David Fellin were dead - and might never be recovered.

But just as in Quecreek, a will to survive kept two of the men going. Throne and Fellin weren't aware of rescue efforts, but they weren't exactly alone. Both men swore they were accompanied by a recently-deceased pope.

AMG got in touch with Ed during our Quecreek vigil, and he generously is allowing us to link to his account. We hope you enjoy it - and check back for details of several recent investigations with awesome anomalies!


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