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Apparition photo taken by Tanya Quear of a man sitting on the bench in front of the young lady (Emily Gohring) crossing the street. Picture is of the front entrance to the Historic Bullock Hotel located at 633 Maint St. in Deadwood,SD. The time was approx 9 PM. Camera: Kodak Easyshare (4 meg).

This interesting apparition photo was taken by a young girl named Willa Black. She is the daughter of one of the investigators who was at the scene. According to Willa's mother, her daughter was busy playing ball with a child spirit in the next room and came to her to borrow a camera so she could take a picture of her new ghost friend. Willa was given a digital camera by another investigator to use, and this photo was the result after she asked the spirit she had been playing with to show herself. Another interesting event that occurred is a sensitive who is working this case mentioned a little girl being at this location several times when she visited this site.

Photo taken by Jon McClintock in attic at Cramer investigation along with the 2 following pics show the same orb magnified


Orb photo taken at the Cramer investigation


third picture of the orb above


Orb photo at a private residence in Hollidaysburg, Pa.


Photo by Herman Hinkle


Photo taken by Jon McClintock at the U.S. Hotel, Hollidaysburg.


Orb photo taken by Al Brindza at the
Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford, Pa.


Orb photo taken by Al Brindza at the Mishler Theater
Altoona, Pa.


Taken by H. Hinkle in a church basement in Somerset County


Home Photo Album I Photo Album II
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