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Odds and Ends Continued
By Jon McClintock


Someone who found us through the website prompted our next visit to Somerset County. Herman was a native of the area and, in his job as a realtor, identified several places he thought worthy of an investigation. We ended up spending a very fruitful and long day with our new friend, but the waning hours were the most interesting. And frustrating!

Herman is the man who introduced us to the Route 30/Forbes road intersection earlier in The Trip. The aforementioned Mary Jane was along later in the day when we visited his home for a break, and later toured a virtually forgotten family cemetery atop a nearby hill.

The plan was for a visit to a decommissioned church where odd things had been spotted. Since Herman had to be at work at 11 that night, we set out down the road in three cars. We didn't get far.

I sat with Al as we backed down the driveway and drove several hundred yards toward the church. Suddenly it felt as though we had driven THROUGH something and, as the car slowed to a stop, both exclaimed "what was that??!"

The car would not start. As a half dozen of us tried pet starter tricks, I had a whim to take a picture; a picture in the opposite direction. I later saw it showed the hilltop on which the cemetery rests - and above that a very large apparent orb. Had we picked up a hitchhiker?

After pushing Al's car aside (where it would be diagnosed the next day as a timing belt issue) we crammed into Mary Jane's sportier model, arriving at the church (unoccupied, but fitted as a living quarters) without further incident. Things were so uneventful I believed the time wasted - but that changed about 10 p.m.

[Al's thoughts]

[The car incident was also kind of strange. We never had any kind of problem with this car and what happened came as a shock to me. After leaving the cemetery behind Herman's house we started down the road. Jon was next to me up front and Herman and his daughter Ashley sat in the back.. We were talking and it seemed as if something passed through the car. I remember Ashley and myself saying almost in unison "What was that?" just as the dash board lit up with all kinds of warning lights and the car came to a stop in the middle of the road. Ashley is also a sensitive though she may not know it yet. As we were trying to figure out what just happened Jon had the feeling maybe its time to take a picture and captured the orb by the house across the road where the car died.]

"Herman was getting an endless series of orb shots in what was once the main vestibule. I was getting the occasional one or two, as was Al in the basement- where he felt a change of atmosphere and sensed a paranormal presence.

[After spending some time upstairs in the church we decided to go down to the basement. In the one part towards the back of the church was a set of wheels from a very old wheelchair, what was left of it anyway. As I was standing near this I was sensing the presence of two children, a little boy and girl. They were curious as to who we were and why we were dressed so funny. Herman took the following photo as the children were near me on either side. I'm thinking these kids were from the 20's or 30's era by the way they were dressed. The boy had on knickers and the little girl a pretty flower type print dress. She seemed very frail and I had the impression she must have been sick for a long time.]

I stepped outside to see if I could replicate orbs on the exterior like Herman was getting. No joy…so I moved to the rear. Just as offhandedly as when I snapped a picture away from the "dead" car, I clicked off a shot toward the rear entrance to the house portion of the church.

As with other super-large anomalies, I knew instantly that I had something big and so I took two more exposures to rule out insects or other light pollution. Sure enough, here was what I call a "wallhanger" (like trophy fish). Whatever it represented, the orb/entity turned my opinion on time-wasted a full 180 degrees in a second.

Herman promises even better haunts, one a building not far from the Flight 93 crash, in a future visit.


The happy couple to the left are Al and Jo, and the reason Al is holding a pole garnished with a feather and a skinned squirrel is hard to explain if you don't know our dear friend, psychic Kelly Weaver. (See "Favorite Places" for Kelly's visit to the U.S. Hotel.)

If you look closely, you'll note that Al-Jo have attracted curious orbs.

Kelly and husband John began a tradition of celebrating her birthday by throwing a yard party for her friends. "Roo" (her nickname) and John are all the entertainment anyone needs - so imagine 100 or so people with similar interests and peculiarities gathered in one place for eight hours! The party afforded free Reiki treatment, meditation lessons (complete with sleeping bags outside), tarot readings, a huge food and drink buffet and lovely people…many of them members of the Capital Ghost Forum (CGF) of Harrisburg.

The Krouch's, formerly of Punxsutawney in our neck of the woods, are active CGF members whom we have grown to know and like. They were gracious enough to invite us to their nearby home to see if Al would "sense" whatever it is that moves things during the night…and moves them in a loud fashion. (A motion detector on a bed in one room was a dead giveaway where to look.) Al also validated one of Kelly's earlier observations of an entity in the basement.

[As soon as we arrived at the Krouch's I picked up on an old man with a limp right arm as I entered their livingroom. I'm thinking he was a victim of a stroke; he came to greet us by their front door then retreated back into another room next to the living room and went to the corner of that room. Later Ray was showing me his hobby room as I call it, a little girl tapped me on the hand and wanted me to follow her into another room to see her dollhouse. As I was admiring the craftsmanship of the house, she disappeared. Later as we were leaving and Jon was busy taking outdoor photo's of the house, the little girl appeared by the window of the room with the dollhouse waving a goodbye to us. She seems very happy to be sharing the house with Terry and Ray who are the type of people who would do anything for you, I'm proud to have them as friends!]

Al trailed Mary Jane, Jo and I from basement to attic, noting several entities - especially a little girl who he felt was attracted to a particular piece of furniture.

Still, I had no joy on the orb front until we reached the attic, where Al and I each got one in the same place. (This is fairly unusual with different kinds of cameras.)

Terry Krouch had a twinkle in her eye when she invited us outside. After admiring their grape arbor and more of the many things the Kroch's collect as a pass-time, I was encouraged to take shots of the roofline. I had no luck from the rear, mainly because a lovely old Chestnut tree is thriving in this suburban community.

I tried again from the front, and there it was: an orb, not the brightest I ever shot, but intriguing because it matched up exactly where I got the orb picture in the attic!

The Krouch's told me that orb shots from outside and atop the house are the most common that visitors get. No one has offered a story or psychic explanation for the phenomenon, so it remains another of those mysteries that those of us with an interest in the paranormal have learned to leave unsolved.

And so Summer Road Trip 2002 wends to a close.

Few of the tales from places we visited we're on our minds before June. Some were dictated by our work schedules, and others by friends and new friends. What we learned, along the way, is two-fold: there's much to see and do in places close to home - and, we have only scratched the surface.

Perhaps a third lesson: You never know where or why you may encounter a haunting!

Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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