Lake Yellowstone Hotel

Yellowstone National Park
By Al Brindza

It's a little out of our territory for the AMG since we usually do most of our ghost investigations in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. This time it was an exception. My wife and I were on vacation visiting our son and his wife in Cody, Wyoming and ventured into Yellowstone National Park for several days. To be truthful, it really couldn't be called an official investigation it was just one of those incidents of being at the right place at the right time for the event that took place.

To give you some background of the Lake Hotel, it was build along the banks of Lake Yellowstone around 1889, within 3 years it was open to the public. Today it is the oldest standing hotel in the park. We were amazed by it's size and one would not expect to see something of this magnitude out in the wilds of Yellowstone. Outside on the hotel grounds they also have little cabins for the guests who wish to have a little more solitude and to get away from the busy life of the hotel, this is where we stayed. One of the more famous guests of the hotel was President Calvin Coolidge, along with his wife and son who stayed in the main hotel back in the summer of 1927. Over the years I'm sure hundreds of famous people who traveled to the park and stayed in this grand hotel along Yellowstone Lake.

Upon entering the main lobby of the hotel I had my suspicions that this place had a story to tell, if only the walls could talk! It didn't take me long to discover it was haunted, perhaps less than an hour. We were making reservations to eat at the hotel's main dining room when we learned there would be at least a half hour wait. So in the mean time we checked out the lobby area, looked at the many paintings some local artist had on display and wandered into the hotel's gift shop. At this time I decided to head for the men's restroom located past the main desk down the hallway on the first floor. Upon entering through a heavy wooden door that made a squeaking noise like these type of doors often do, I discovered I was the only one there or so I thought. Within a few seconds I felt the familiar jag of a headache that I usually get when something paranormal is near. Next I heard some footsteps and a little boy giggling and laughing and I was surprised to see him peeking under the stall door. I believe I said "Hey" and then he was gone. Total silence, I heard no more footsteps or the opening or closing of the door. Now I'm thinking OK, what just happpened? I didn't see much of the little boy just his face and his light brown or blondish hair, wearing a white dress up kind of shirt. Afterwards I returned and explained my esperience to my wife and to our son Eric and his wife Chrissy.

Later after we finished our meal and were leaving I just had to ask the lady at the main desk if there were any ghost stories associated with this place. At first I got the usual stare as her mind processed what I had asked. Then she said, "There are some stories of a little boy that has been seen by some of our guests!" Bingo! I knew it, my suspicions were correct! The hotel does have a few guests from the "Other Side" as we often prefer to call it. Upon further questioning she stated that she was really not the person to talk to about the happenings at the hotel since she did not have any esperiences, nor would she want to, this kind of stuff freaked her out.

Several rumors of the hotel that I came across involve an employee who claimed to have seen a small child looking out the 4th floor attic window, when he checked, he discovered the attic door was locked. Several guests who stayed there also reported hearing music late when all was quiet, music sumilar to the type that the big bands played years ago. Is this possible? Yes! I'm sure this hotel has many unseen guests who for one reason or another still linger on.

Before I close some of you may be wondering about the picture of the restroom, how did that come about? For the story I felt I needed to get one. Of course at the time when I saw the appariton of the little boy I didn't have a camera with me. Getting a photo the next morning wasn't so easy since the restroom was like Grand Central Station when ever I made the attempt. Finally after much waiting outside in the hallway I had my chance, just as I snapped a few photo's someone walked in and by looking at the guy's expression I figured I needed to somehow explain. Doing some quick thinking I blurted out,"hotel inspector we guarantee our restrooms are clean!" Then I calmly headed for the door!


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